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I offer book editing and proofreading services at affordable rates in India. If you wish to have your book edited, contact me at Thanks!

What is the difference between book editing and proofreading?

Book Editing consists of going through the final draft that the author sends and correcting it in accordance with the type of book editing that is required by the author. The manuscript then goes to the author, who accepts or rejects the changes made. Once that is done, the author or the publisher prepares the book for publishing or printing. This is where a proofreader comes into play. A proofreader would go through the final draft and ensure that the book is completely error-free in all aspects from cover to content.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Once the book is published, I would require a copy of it for my records.
  • Kindly send the manuscript in entirety.
  • The style of editing that would be used for Substantive Editing would be as per the Chicago Manual of Style
  • The author would need to mention whether they wish the editing to be done as per the British or American English.
  • Payment terms: 50% advance, 50% on completion

Books Edited for Independent Authors:

  • Waves in the Sky by Rakhi Jayashankar
  • Evil Trance by Dysan Mark

Books Edited in Association with Publishing Houses:

For BlueRose Publishers:

    • Daityas
    • When It is All About Love
    • Soul Man (part 1)
    • An Internal Individual Change
    • The making of Ganggaa
    • My Last Sip
    • Earth@Risk
    • Get an Interview call from your dream company
    • Love, Style and Texture in The Restoration Comedy of Manners
    • Defying the Dictum

For Half Baked Beans:

  • Blemishing the odds

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