Author: Carlo Pizzati

Book Blurb:

Is this moment of failing states, flopped globalization and ultra-nationalism, with no sound economic plan in sight, an epochal one? In this book, Carlo Pizzati throws light on where we are and where we’re going through three interviews – with Homi Bhabha, John Gray and Pankaj Mishra.

My Review:

I took a while to read this book, quite a while. This is one of those heavy hitting books that really makes you think.

The best things about this book is that the author also writes about the setting where the interview takes place, so it gives the reader a feel of the setting.

The questions that are asked are deep and the answeres even deeper. While all three interviews were excellent, I personally loved the one that the author has with Homi Bhabha. Some of the points that came up, especially about different political idiologies and why they work or do not work.

I also liked the discussion on the impact of globalisation, and the way people are reacting to different people coming and living in “their country”.

The fact that, though globalised, the topics that are discussed had a very India-specific book made the book althemore interesting. The fact that the interviews discussed both the macro and the micro aspects of various facets of the society and how they have evolved over the time gave depth to the overall narrative.

On the whole, this is definately not a fast read. In fact, I feel if I read it another time at even slower pace, I would get much more out of the book. This is one of the rare books that actually makes one think. I rate this book 4 out of 4.

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