Poet: Kaushal Suvarna

Publisher: CreateSpace

Siamese Compassion by [Suvarna, Kaushal]


This is a short anthology of poems. The poems are in such an easy language, and yet provide such profound thoughts that one finds themselves immersed in the world of the poet’s creation. I especially enjoyed references to other literature (Like Sylvia Path and Freud in the poem Stockholm Syndrome) that have been mentioned, for me, it made reading the poems all the more enjoyable.

The topics that the author has chosen are quite random, which helps keeps the freshness of the book. When you finish reading one poem, you do not know what will come in front of you next. The way that the poems have been written, the reader finds themselves relating to the words.

Some of the poems that I enjoyed the most was “Practicum in Empathy”. I found  its last lines quite profound:

Heck, I claim to empathize with the world

And I do not know the first thing on acidity.

I had only two issues with the poems was the use of “n” instead of “and” in multiple places and lack of punctuations like comma and full stop. I would like to state here that these in no way diminishes the quality of the poems, but I feel had these been added, it would have improved the overall flow.

On the whole, I rate this anthology a perfect 4 out of 4 and would recommend it to anyone who likes reading poetry that reflects deep thoughts.

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