Author: Caralee a Jardine

A Book for Oreo

Book Blurb:

Every now and then you meet someone and instantly know they are special. This is an amazing love story of a cat named Oreo and the woman he picked to be his mom. Oreo was famous for getting into mischief and compromising situations. You will laugh at his antics and keep wondering what he will do next!

My Review:

I came to know of this book as it was Book of the Day. 

This book is a perfect example of the pure relation between a human and an animal. The book was penned as an ode to Oreo, who was more than just a cat, he was the author’s son.

In the book, the author pens Oreo’s life, all his mannerisms, his way of living and how he brought so much joy to the author. It really makes you wonder just how much love animals are capable of giving to the humans.

The author also adopts another cat, changes house, changes jobs, and how Oreo was always on the forefront of all her decision-making process. Also, the way she describes him, his personality, had you in splits and made you wonder as to how much of understanding can one animal give their human.

The ending had me in tears. I could so relate to the author’s pain, especially since Oreo also had kind of a kidney failure. When a beloved pet passes away, there are many who do not understand the pain that the human feels. The author pens down her feelings beautifully in the letters that she wrote to Orea just days after his passing. These letters have raw emotions, and you can feel the conflicted emotions that many of us feel. The belief that our loved ones are in a better place and the sheer pain of not being able to touch them anymore.

This is a book for pet lovers and everyone whose life has been affected because of some beautiful animal.

I rate this book a perfect 4 out of 4.

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