Author: Vinod Kumar Mohanty

Book Blurb:

Re-union is a hindi fiction novel. It is a story about seven friends and their journey from college life to adulthood.

My Review:

The book “Reunion” is one of its kind and reading it was a whole different experience. For one this is one of the rare books in Hindi that deals with a story that is written for the Young Adult Genre. In fact, more brownie points to the author for sticking to this language as when you read it, you are able to connect to the story at a much deeper level as you can tell that the author knows what he is saying and how he needs to say it.

The language flows quite easily, so even those who are not that proficient in reading would be able to grasp it quite easily. The story is crafted quite nicely and it is a coming of age story for four guys. The experiences that the protagonists face are quite relate-able and the author has done a good job weaving it all together.

Coming to the plot and the characterization, I felt the story line and characters were a bit on the generic side. While it was a fresh read, the story more or less resembled the ones that we have read in this genre. So those who read a lot of coming of age stories might find certain redundancies.

This is a great read for those who are looking for a light read, with lucid language and especially those who are looking for books to enhance their reading skills.

Ratings: 4.5/5