So this guy, Narendra Modi thinks he is such a smart fellow, he decided all on his own that he wants to stop 500 and 1000 rupee notes, that too within a couple of hours!

How could he do such a thing? Rahul Gandhi is so right! He does not care about poor people! How on earth will that daily labor or the vegetable seller get their groceries? I mean, of course people who buy their rations on a daily basis will have only 500 and 1000 rupee notes.. How inconsiderate! Even if those stupid economists say that after a few weeks of difficulty, in long run the inflation will decrease, better investments in infrastructure will happen, black money will decrease, economic standing of the country will be better and thus foreign investments will increase (of course that Modi’s visit to Japan in order to invite investors immediately after banning these notes was so that he does not have to stand in the line..not coz of some high fangled get investors shit..I ain’t stupid!), more daily wage earners and villagers open bank accounts, jobs get created, new schemes will be released with all the additional tax received,unemployment is decreased, political parties will have to stand in elections with white money….but what do these economists know? Why would I listen to these people when our greatest leader Mamata Banerjee, who we all know has absolutely NO BLACK MONEY, calls it a heartless and draconian decision.

And how is it not a heartless decision? Why would Modi not have the heart to think about how I have to stand in the line and face minor inconveniences, how DARE he think of the long term betterment of my country and indirectly me? Does he not know how difficult it is to stand in the line?

Also they say we can exchange money by going ALL the way to the bank AND STANDING IN THE LINE! I have to leave my AC car and AC office and STAND IN THE LINE! The horror! I agree that the Government should have ‘done something’ for this country’s economy, but I should not have to do anything about it other than crib and post on social media about the ‘sad state of affairs’ when I hear about the rise of black money from my friend’s facebook. My life should not be does this even make sense? Of course I want to live in a better country..of course I will go all over my social media, telling everyone I know how all Modi does is fly internationally and like the ‘FEKU’ he is..he would not do anything..What he should have done, in my expert opinion, is that he should have contacted the minister of magic, learn how to do the vanishing spell, Evanesco, and just vanished all that black money..easy-peasy…huh..

And of course being the person Modi is, he got up from his afternoon nap (Of course he takes hours of afternoon naps..he be lazy that way..everyone knows it..I saw it on google!) and said, “Call the media people, I had an excellent dream..I will just remove the black money.” Of course he did not consult with those foolish people at RBI or finance ministry.. And even if they did…I have better intelligence  than them, so obviously they did not think of all the inconveniences that  I would have to face! I have never stood in a line in my life…and just because of the stupid Modi government, I have to do all that. All those schemes of Jan Dhan Yojna which makes banking accessible to all, the income declaration scheme wherein he specifically said, “No one should blame me if I take tough decisions after the 30th (of September)”, and all those things were also a part of his unplanned rash decision making. Obviously,  ensuring people had easy access to banking and allowing time for people to declare black money was in no way related to this “unplanned and rash” decision with “no idea of difficulties public face.”

Also, everybody with an iota of basic intelligence would know this is not going to help the economy. Those idiots at business standard and economic times who spent their time talking to various industry experts do not know what they are talking about. After all what do those people sitting in their plush CEO jobs at India’s premium banks, real estate and all other affected industries know about the “ground realities” that I know. I know the best, I know it will not lead to anything, all this government does is harass people..

In the end, everything is the government’s fault..and India should grow and prosper and all that..but I should bloody not have to stand in the line for a few hours for it..

SARCASM ALERT: For those who did not understand till now, this is a sarcastic post for all those ‘educated’ people who are now posting on facebook on how is this a horrible, unplanned decision because they had to stand in the line for hours.