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Continuing from my previous post, let us get to the characterization of the original trio. A lot of criticism has been done on how the original trio have changed. But I was glad that they changed. The reason being the were seventeen when the last novel was written, now they are in their late twenties. As someone who grew up with them and also being in my late twenties, even I am not the same person that I was when I was seventeen! If they had acted in the same way as they had done in the previous books, I would have been hugely disappointed.

I also liked the fact that they used time turners in this book. It was a major peeve that such a powerful source of magic was only used once in the entire series. Everything that we knew about that was through the theories or the leaks that have been passed down to us via JKR. So it was good to read about it and know for a fact what are the consequences of using time travel and why the use of it is banned or not really appreciated.

What I did not really get about this book was why was Harry’s scar paining? I am not really convinced with the theory given in the book. We already know that his scar was the one thing that connected him to Voldemort. And even with all the time travel, in present day Voldemort is dead. So, I would get if it pained him in the alternate reality wherein Voldemort was alive, I do not get how or why would it hurt him? The reasoning in the book is quite vague and I would have liked it to be explained better.

Another point that was missed was in chamber of secrets, we were told that the polyjuice potion takes months to create. Even at the play’s speed, how was Delphi able to just woop it out? Had she pre planned it? Even if she had, it does not really make sense? How was she able to pre plan what Albus and Scorpius would do? Also, how did they get a part of Ron and Hermione? Harry I get..but the other two? Another point that did not sit right with me was the way they acted when they ran into Hermione, especially Albus. I am sure when Hermione runs into real Ron, she would bring it up. Anyone would. But that scene just does not come up! I mean come on..when your husband acts all weird when he comes to your office, you just don’t write it off. Not even if your husband is Ron!

Also, is it really that easy to enter the Minister of Magic’s office and check out her library? I would think that the office, which is supposedly belonged to the most important witch or wizard would have a little more protection than just opening a door! Not to mention the fact that it was a bit simplistic that Hermione would place the only time turner in the world in her library that anyone can guess. She had solved even more complex puzzle at eleven!

One of the best part of the book (after the starting) was the part where Voldemort wins. The whole reality of the world that we know changed. It was a delight to read.

Another thing was how people used sayings like “O Dumbledore” or “O Potter”. Initially, I did not get it, but by Merlin when I did I had to stop and marvel at the ingeniousness of that.

Also, since this was a play, that had a specific time constraint to it, the plot feels quite rushed. It feels like you are going through the story in some super fast express. If the same thing were in the form of a book, the plot would have been easier and believable than it’s current format.