Author: Reijul Sachdev

Emerald Blades

Book Blurb:

Emerald Blades’ is an anthology of poems stemming from the author’s experiences, both as a juvenile diabetic and a borderline schizophrenic. One of the motivations for this anthology was a simple question- “What is the difference between mania and enlightenment?” Just as the edge between these two is not as sharply defined as one might imagine, so too in life, we often encounter surprising (double) edges. Life, like a field of grass, can seem like both a sea of swords and a sea of emeralds. This duality between Beauty and Pain is one of the major themes of this collection.

My Review:

This is a book that contains beautiful poems straight from the author’s heart.

As we read about the poet, we know that he has his own struggles to deal with and such struggles are aptly described in his poems. His poems are such that it beings out emotions in his readers.

The poet is quite lucid in his thoughts and does not shy away from using poetic language and higher level English. Personally speaking, the complexity of vocabulary and nuances of language used so wonderfully added to the pleasure of reading.

I would like to quote a small snippet from my favourite poem in the book. The poem is called ‘Seductive Suicide’:

‘Tis a sight to stir the heart

And steal away one’s breath,

But every sunset is another

Memorial to death

Each poem deals with a difficult subject and each subject has been dealt with depth and creativity.