Did you know? Married Indian women are the most intelligent species…in the kitchen…more specifically, home kitchen. At least that is what the commercials would have you believe. Take any advertisement of the food that needs to be cooked at home…chances are you will have the all knowing female giving gyaan to the dumbo husband/family members, who cannot survive without this goddess. Mind you these family members are dumb only on the home turf. Any advertisement of cooking show or that calls for a professional chef.. you could see a manly man showcasing his love for cooking.

In one such advertisement, we see a working woman who cannot work in the office as she randomly imagines her kids and husband who keep asking her, “Aaj kya banega?” In the next scene we see her coming home, where the husband is at home, chilling with the kids…and as soon as she enters all three ask her “aaj kya banega?” Coz you know if you are a man, you can chill post coming from the office…your wife will come and cook for you.  I do not recall the brand or the product name, if you do please leave a comment below, so I can post the ad link.

Another such ad is when the family asks the same “Khane me kya hai” question. When the answer is Lauki, they disappear as the food is not as per their tastes. You see, they don’t like it! It is only when their mom assures them that the food would taste good, that these people sit down to eat. So the lady not only has to cook for everyone, others have an option to reject her hard work if they do not find it worthy of their tastes! What gets me is that this behavior is deemed completely normal. Check out the snippet of the ad here.

In another advertisement, we see a lady who yells what do people want to eat for breakfast. The entitled family members yell out their preferences like they are ordering room service at a hotel. The lady then, quite literally becomes a goddess with many hands, picks up MTR’S ready to cook breakfast mixes and makes all the orders. The family members just come to the dinning table to eat! Check out this ad here. If it were me, this is an accurate example of my answer:

In the next ad, we see a popular actress lamenting how much “tension” one has (one meaning the female, of course), when one receives guests at home. But now that she has McCain, she can manage without a doubt. As usual, her family only makes an appearance on the dinner table. Click here for ads. Or in this advertisement, where the father laments that his son is always on computer and does not spend time with his family. Again the female comes up with the brilliant idea of using delicious food to lure him to spend time with the family.

Even men, who do not have the facility of having the unpaid maid aka wife, depend on the paid ones. Because you know…how on earth can these ikle little beings manage to cook on their own! As we see in the Faasos ad here, the man is tired of having the same thing every day, so he can do the next best thing, order out! While ordering out is an excellent option, for every body, we rarely see an ad where a tired woman comes home and just orders the food…every single day…especially if she is married…and lives with the in laws..Well..of course we do not see an ad like that…as in real life that would be an impossible possibility without hearing the daily dose of “lazy”, “spoilt”, yada yada nonsense yelled at her.

I do not know guys, but if I had such entitled family, I would pack my bags and be off faster than they can complete that dreaded “khane me kya hai?’ statement. Why do we not we see men in the kitchen? One look at any cookery show would tell you that men are interested in cooking. Well some of them are…just like some women are. Believe it or not….not all females think it is their only dream in life to cook for their family. Some women do not like cooking. But then, like it or not. As an adult human being, you should be in the kitchen. Food is the basic necessity, and if some fully functioning adult has to depend upon others to fulfill even that, I REALLY do not understand how can they even call themselves adults?

I kid you not I have seen 25 years plus guys proudly telling that all they can make in the kitchen is maggi, and are now looking to get married as they are tired of eating bahar ka khana. It took up all my energy, to not get up and leave. Even some of my female colleagues complain that after a long day in the office, they have to go home and go straight in the kitchen, while hubby dearest chills in front of the TV. Some even have the added issue, that if the husband even tries to come in the kitchen, the mother in law scolds them saying it is not his “job”. Some females cannot travel (even to visit their own parents) for more days, because their little man-baby of a husband would have to scrounge for food from outside! And those aunties who ask “How will your husband manage for so many days?” They really truly believe that an adult man cannot survive without his wife for a month..Why such thinking? How come is it ok for a twenty year old to be so dependent on others that he cannot manage to eat without assistance from others?

Even when I was engaged, I have heard people saying, ‘Thank God now the husband will get home cooked food every day, poor guy, has stayed out of home for years.’..I mean WTF??? The first time I heard it I was blank..literally could not do anything but stare…really in this day and age..where people believe we have ‘equality’, some people thought it was ok to tell me that marriage = free homemade food maker for husband.

Why this thinking? Why is it mandatory for girls to know how to cook, and for guys to be in the kitchen only if he is interested? Why is it that males are portrayed dumb when it comes to managing the home? Why do men not find it strange that they are portrayed such! Not all men are absolute idiots when it comes to home or kitchen! I know guys who are not professional chefs, but cook some excellent dishes, some who love to cook so much that they insist on cooking everyday as they think it is a stress buster, why such men are never shown in mainstream media?