Author: Kiran Damera

Fire,Wings & Claws

Book Blurb:

Meet Ian Rogers and Drake Williams of the Broadway County, your quintessential, typical American kids on a ride worth of the mighty life itself. Travel through the first installment of the series through the land of Scyrin dwelled by the wise elves, diligent dwarfs and the generous men. Witness the kids confront their destiny deep in the ruins of Schweringard, facing a mortal threat larger than that for their age, for their secret friend remains the king of all- the Scarlet dragon.

My Review:

The first thing that attracted me to this book was the cover. I saw it on various Facebook groups and really wanted to get me hands on it.

This is a book that caters primarily to the tweens. This is for those who have graduated from the fairy tales but are yet “too young” to go for the Hobbit! I am glad that the author chose this target audience, and conveys a story that is easy to read, yet does not treat the readers as little kids, but as sensible young people. Kudos to that!

The book has all the elements that you would expect from a fantasy tale. You have dragons, elves, dwarfs, and adventure!

On the flipside, I felt that the characters and the story line could have been a bit more original. While I am not saying that the author has copied the story in any way, I felt that while reading one could easily see influences of characters from Harry Potter, or certain points in the story that reminds you of Hobbit or LOTR. There were a lot of editing mistakes, quite obvious mistakes were made like capitalization of proper nouns in some places, the sort of things that even the tweens would be aware was overlooked.