Author: Vaidehi Anil Deoskar


Book Blurb:

This book is written by a young writer narrating her own experiences of life, her struggle trials & tribulations. This gives a ring side view of challenges faced by the present generation in the most important phases of their life and puts their viewpoint in proper perspective. The options are galore, and so are the expectations from everybody. It becomes difficult to decide which is heavier – the burden of expectations or the mound of tasks to be completed. The writer finally finds a way out of the maze of possible options and makes a satisfying career for herself. The story is real and honest first hand experience of a young girl written with a no holds barred attitude. ” The story is coming straight from the heart of the writer; meant to go straight to the heart of the reader.” A must read for the young generation and their parents who can visualize their own struggle in the story…

My Review: 

7 Decisions, 1 Destination is a story of the struggles that is faced by all the students in their lives. Right from the tenth standard, where the student decides which stream to study to the decision taken to take a job. These seven decisions make or mar the lives of the students, so this is an interesting take on these decisions.
This is a story of a young girl who deals with her life and these decisions in the best way possible. She takes help of her friends, family and/or relatives at each stage of her life. The instances that the protagonist faces and her feels and emotions are quite relatable. The pace of the story is quite fast and the author has a good grasp of the language making this a fast and invigorating read.
This is quite short book, around 85 pages long, and could be easily read in one sitting.
On the flipside, the book lacked depth. I feel that there could have been a lot of descriptive techniqes that the author could have used so that the reader could be much more involved in the story.
Overall Rating:
Cover: 4/5
Title: 5/5
Blurb: 4/5
Creativity in Storyline: 4.5/5
Character Complexity: 2/5
Overall: 4/5