A Collection of Short Stories

Author: Shilpi Chaklanobis

Book Blurb:

A turbulent relationship between a mother and a daughter takes a sudden turn when the daughter stumbles across a past that she never knew…..

The golden period of a professor’s life is tainted by questions about his purpose until one night gives him all the answers he needs……..

Desperate times test us all but when hunger drives a girl to do the unthinkable, her life changes forever……….

Woven around the lives of the people around us – the shy girl on the metro, your domestic help, your neighbors and perhaps even you – this collection of short stories will take you on a bittersweet journey that explores the spectrum that is part of any human relationship and all the complexity and chaos that secretly dwell within the homes and hearts of India.

Often laced with an element of introspection, the stories are sure to change the way you see the world around you…

My Review:

This book was awesome!

It gave me so many feels!!

Usually, when I review anthologies, I usually mention my favourite story and then give my reasons for the same. Unfortunately, I would not be able to do so for this book as each story is so different and unique, it is just not possible to have favorites. Other stories that deal with mother-daughter relationships are the thirst and mirage.

The book consists of fifteen different stories, each dealing with human emotions, many of which dealt with mother-daughter relationship and its various hues.

The first story, Wok, reminded me a bit of O’Henry’s Gift of Magi. It was so intense and the writing was so good, I got choked up reading it. It is a story of a poor single mother who is struggling to give a childhood to her daughter.

Next was “Peanut” and it resonated with me on so many levels. Peanut is aa dog who lives an impact on the lives of his humans. Being a dog person myself, and Scooby being the center of my life, this story touched my heart.

The story of “Selective Secularism” had me clapping my hands, lauding the author as to how beautifully she captivates the selective secularism that many Indians practice. “The Ultimate Death” deals with the assassination of Indira Gandhi and how the resultant aftermath changed the secular nature of the nation and affected individual lives.

While reading the Bribe and the second Tsunami, I was irritated with the protagonist at one or other point of story. I felt like talking some maturity in him. It shows how realistic the author has managed to sketch the characters, that the reader not only feels that the characters are real, but they are so real that the reader gets irritated by them! Kudos to the author!

“Forever” and “The Wait” were two extremely different takes on Love Stories. How love can give you hope is aptly described in these stories. “The Example” and “The Meeting” had the author reminisce about past relationships and how they meet old acquaintances that impact their world view.

“Destiny”as the name suggests deals with how destiny affects the lives of the characters. The last two stories, “Before It’s Too Late” and “The Sealed Wish” deal with how money impacts the decisions of people.

This is by far one of the best books by Indian Authors!

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