Vaidehi is one of the youngest authors who have been featured on this website. In her book “7 Decisions, 1 Destination”, she highlights the dilemma of the youngsters when they are faced with the decisions that would impact their entire lives. Today, we converse with her about her book, and her journey towards becoming an author.

Can you tell us something about yourself and your book?

My name is Vaidehi Anil Deoskar.

Currently, I am pursuing a four-year engineering degree and am 19 years old.

This book is dedicated to all the youngsters who are striving to achieve something substantial but have got stuck in between.

2. You are quite young, did you find difficulty in getting published at this age?

Yes, definitely I faced difficulty in getting the book published.

3. What was the reason you chose to write this story?

There are 7 days in a week, 7 wonders of the world, 7 colours of a rainbow. Have you ever wondered of why not 7 choices or 7 risks or 7 decisions of lives? In reality, no one has time to think through these petite lines of lives. It is an inevitable part of life. The book also reveals the number of choices one has to make, some being common to all while some being diverse. This book brings all such topics into limelight.

4. The protagonist of your book is a female. What made you write a book on female point of view? How did you decide on her characteristics?

Actually, the protagonist being female was not predecided. It was a mere coincidence. I would have very well chosen the protagonist as a male. Talking about her characteristics one can easily relate her in the real world and find a proper resemblance to her in order to understand her properly.

5. Since your book deals with the decisions that each person has to make, is this book based on your or your friend’s experiences, or is it purely fictional?

No, it is neither totally fictional nor is it based on any of my friend’s experience. It is a mixture of both.

Once a person reads this story he/she can easily understand that it is his/her own story put on paper by me.

6. In the book, your protagonist writes a book, with encouragement from her friends, did something similar happen to you as well?

It was totally my initiative and I received no encouragement from my friends. However, I got a huge support from my sister who was the first person I talked to. Frankly speaking, I never hinted to anyone that I am writing a book.

7. If there was one thing that you could tell your readers in order to motivate them to read your book, what would it be?

Being young, we don’t really understand whether the step we take forward is right or not. This book will not only give you the confidence for your feat, but will also motivate you to take such tribulent decisions with much more certainty and ferret out success from the same.

8. Have you written any other book/story/poem? Do you have a plan to do so in future?

I have not written any other book, however, I have a collection of poems. I also have a plan of writing a book in the future.

9. Do you read books? If so which are your favourite and inspirational reads?

Yes, I like reading books. In specific, I have no favourites.

10. If you had to give advice to new writers who are looking to publish their books, what would it be?

Opportunities are galore,

Keep your faith aboard,

Face your fears,

Don’t let your decision waver.

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