Sushmita Srivas is an up coming author who has penned a romantic book titled: A Month Love Story, and today she will tell us all about her book, her journey towards becoming a writer and much more!










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Can you tell us something about yourself and your book?

I don’t see myself as an Author; I am just trying to become one. It is my first book and I got to know that being an author is not a simple task. If I have to tell you about myself then I will say that I am girl who loves to tell stories and this love for the stories helps me to write one.  I am a manufacturing engineer, graduated from JSS Noida, and after college I worked as a HR Recruiter for 1.5 years.

My book title is “A Month LOVE~STORY”, which I rather say it’s  LOVE and a STORY. The story is about the girl who met a guy on a popular social media website FB, and fell in love with him but a tragedy changed everything. She did everything to make him return and he does but everything was changed by then.

Did you always want to become a Writer? What made you sit down and pen down your own book?

No, not always. I wrote some stories in my collage days and showed to my friends. They enjoyed reading the stories and suggested me to write more, but I didn’t take it seriously. But after couple of years when I was working as a HR in a company, one day I realized that I should go for the writing as I love to write stories and I enjoyed every bit of it. So, I quit my job and started writing.

Can you share your experience of writing the book? Any interesting anecdote that you faced
while writing or did you face the dreaded writers block?

My experience of writing the book was quite exciting, every time it I kept thinking what I should write to make it more interesting, if I were the reader that which type of story I would like to read.

At some moment I faced difficulty in end of the book, I was stuck with the thought; how to make the end of the story the better, inspirational, and twisted one. And I was stuck for a  couple of weeks with it and finally one night in my dreams, I got the thought for the end of the story, so in the middle of the night I started writing and completed my book.

The protagonist of your book is a female. What made you write a book from a female point of view? How did you decide her characteristics?

My book story is not just focused on the female point of view, it’s something which everyone can relate to. I drew a character of a girl and to make it livelier, I imagined the character as myself as I feel the character and being a girl I could easily define the feelings, characteristics, situations that is required to present a character of a girl.

Tell us something about your experience of getting your book published?

When I got a call from my publisher that my book is in press and it will be launched in 5 days. I was so excited to see my book in my hands and those 5 days were the longest days that I was unable to sleep due to so much excitement. Almost every hour I was calling my publisher for checking when it will be on air. As it is my first book so I was excited and nervous both at the same time.

There are many love stories that are being published these days, why did you choose this genre?

I chose this genre because in every genre love story comes is central, and in any side of the story, whether it’s a thriller, autobiography or any genre. So I decided to write a story with LOVE STORY with the combinations of numerous emotions and situations.

How is your story different from others of this genre?

As I mentioned before that my story is not basically a love story. It’s also about the sacrifice, courage, desperation, belief, diligent, and self-esteem. This story is not comes into romantic genre. It has love story but it contains story more than love.

If there was one thing that you could tell your readers in order to motivate them to read, what would it be?

As now a days we all use social media sites and all get the friend request from anyone. So, my story is with the same plot. The story is full of romance, laughter, struggle, love, success and failure. It will motivate readers that life is full of choices and your choices leads your life for the future.

Have you written any other book/story/poem? Do you have a plan to do so in future?

No, this was my first book. I wrote some stories in my past but not they are not meant for printing. I am planning to write more in future with more interesting stories.

Is your story inspired from a real life event or is it purely a work of fiction?

This story is purely work of fiction. As I have defined the character of a girl to get myself into the character’s skin, so I mentioned some of the real incident to make it more interesting.

Do you read books? If so which are your favorite and inspirational reads?

Yes, I read books. And in my collage days I read my first novel. Recently comes to my favorite list is “Shiva Trilogy”, “The girl on the train”, “I too had a love story”.

 If you had to give advice to new writers who are looking to publish their books, what would it be?

My advice will be: Don’t get afraid of losing or fear the future. Try to write for fun not for the business.

Thank you for your time Sushmita!

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