Author: Cara MacMillan

It Is Only Money- And It Grows on Trees!

Book Blurb:

It Is Only Money and It Grows on Trees! is a narrative about the universal teachings of money and wealth as told through the perspectives of different world religions.

It tells a story about how we can consciously and unconsciously choose to be stewards or slaves to our financial situation. It is Only Money gives practical examples of how we can stop our unconscious habits and turn our lives into our own self creation. This book is for anyone who is sacrificing to build a better future.

It is Only Money is not a get rich quick book – it is a book about authenticity. When we learn to break free of our patterns and choose to recognize that money is just a resource, we too can become rich and truly enjoy today.

My Review:

Honestly, this is one of the only books that deals with finance and money that I could not only read cover to cover, but also understood and enjoyed reading it!

Although I grew up in a family full of finance background, and I got good marks while studying finance, I never did find it interesting.

But this book handles this subject in a way that I could not only grasp all that was being said, I also found it so interesting that I read it as I would read my favourite fiction novel!

I feel what makes this book stand apart from the others is that it deals with money in real world context, rather than the contextual terms. What does money mean to people in the real world? We all know it is a currency to exchange for goods, that is not what this book is about, but about what does money mean to different people? How some people are misers even when they are rich? While some people remain happy even when they are poor? What is our attitude about money and how does it affect our emotions? So basically it is our attitude to money that affects how we view money. And this is so profound. It really is our attitude, isn’t it? How much money is enough? Is any amount even “enough”?

The book then deals with how are these attitudes formed? She deals with excellent examples of how religions like Christianity and Hinduism see money or preach about money and how its teachings effect the thoughts of those who grow up in a religious household.

It also deals with how our parents or guardians viewed money, and how their beliefs somehow shaped ours.

The book explains that one should always use the talent that one possess in order to earn money, that, according to me, is the best advice ever. How many times we see people stuck in a meaningless corporate rat race, reminiscing about the good old days when they used to paint or read or write or something like that years ago.

The language of the book is so simple. I was surprised how the author could so simply explain such complex terms!

Totally a five-star book!