Author: Sandhya Bachche , Sweta Chakraborty


Book Blurb:

A novel based on sex discrimination. The backdrop is a village in Maharashtra, India. The protagonist enumerates the story of her childhood while she resides in US with her husband and two children. The past recollects memories from her past which she defines as struggle with the orthodox family and society while the present is where she leads the life of an independent woman and works as a socialite uplifting the stature and dignity of common women.
The story has been described in simple language keeping in mind it was poured out from the heart of the first author and a slightly fictionized story of her life. The core concept of the story supports the idea of women empowerment and importance of nurturing girl for a better society.

My Review:

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This is a story that just simply tells a complex story quite simply. This is one book that I read in one go. I just could not stop reading it.

The writing style is quite different, it is written in a first person, so you feel that the author is sharing her personal life with you, which helps create empathy for the main character, Jyoti. You find yourself being drawn to the character. While there were a few grammatical mistakes here and there, they were altogether not that much to take over the story line.

Jyoti’s character is just like many girls you will find in small town India. The issues that she faces, many of the women have already faced or are currently facing, which makes the book all the more relatable.

This is a wonderful and inspirational book that could be used as in inspiration for all girls who what to do something with their lives, but are told they are only good for getting married.