Author: A J Job Xavier

Infected with Life

Book Blurb:

In the world of real estate, Deepak is king, building on the legacy left behind by his farsighted father. He has with him, a bright youngster Arjun, whose ambition to grow big at any cost lands him in trouble with a lot of people. Luckose, Deepak’s advisor and close friend is his pillar of strength. Deepak is also in constant touch with Annie, his classmate from the US college, who though happily married to Pedro a budding politician in Mexico, still finds time to involve herself in everything that her ‘best friend for life’, takes up. A young girl Aisha, hailing from riot ridden Ahmedabad, gets intimate with Gautam a dashing young builder. Together they plan and implement innovative housing schemes for the youth. Aisha however has to take on roles she had never even imagined, all for her love for Gautam. Life has many surprises for her, from becoming a ‘Lady Killer’ to turning a new leaf as the promoter of Aisha schools, a new way of life for the rural poor. Arjun is the originator of RealtyEx, a unique commodity exchange for the real estate which finds phenomenal support in Dubai and Almaty in Central Asia though he is shunned in his own country. Deepak and Pedro are forced to maintain their own protective armies, while backing Aisha to the full and even encourage her to go ahead with her revenge mission. Set among the exotic Mexico cities, the upcoming Central Asian countries, there is intrigue, lots of action, tender family moments as well as love that blossoms among the innocent ones.

My Review:

The book started on an extremely different note. While I was expecting it to be on real estate, the book starts on a flight with a person talking about secret weapons. This, I feel, was what attracted me to the storyline.

The book has been criticised by many saying that too many characters have been introduced, which causes confusion. But, for me, it enhanced the complexity and the book became all the more realistic.

Although the language is quite simple, the author has managed to weave a difficult and interesting storyline. The characterizations were amazing, I was able to visualize each and every character.

My only issue with this book was that there were quite a few grammatical and editing errors. Some random words and spacing were strewn across the book, which hampered the reading process.