Recently, we have seen an amazing book full of sarcastic comedy. If you wish to win one for yourself click here.

I am including an excerpt of the book in order for you to get a taste of what you might expect!


Like the first Greek who saw an end of the lodestone always aligning itself to the North and discovered the “Magnet”, Kiriti would discover his instrument of manliness always standing firm (saluting the skies, the Clown in him would think!).

One summer evening as the dusk was settling and the sun was still looking from the sides at a shyly approaching night, Kiriti was wandering around on the terrace, and then he saw her.

The gentle orange sun rays shone on her golden body, lighting it up with a dreamy glow. Her delicate yet sizeable breasts were like two lotuses stimulated by the first drop of rain. Her thick jet black hair was like night itself turned into a lady, dancing to the wet tune. Her full pouted lips were like fresh pearls of the morning sea, shining with soft dew. Kiriti was speechless and was staring constantly, but somehow the Bengali beauty living in the next building happened to see him out of the window, and shyly closed the doors. With the closing of the window, the light had been shut on Kiriti’s heart, which glowed like a chandelier, the size of the Moon, eventually breaking into a million pieces.

After that whenever Kiriti saw the bronze statue of an apsara holding an actual lamp in her hands, the compass of his manhood would jump into action. It was a beautiful statue, but naked, of a woman with a curvy figure, which would remind him of the bathing lady, and yet again his compass of manhood would point up promptly. The problem would occur mostly during family pujas while the lamp was placed in front of the god, filled with oil, glowing brightly. In spite of Kiriti trying his best to avoid looking at the lamp-statue, one small glance at it would activate his man-compass and his magnet of love would point straight up sharply!

Kiriti would use a towel and put it on his folded legs while he was praying to the gods, to cover his activated compass and try his best not to think of the naked Bengali beauty. But alas the naughty mind of the Clown in him, like a monkey with a coconut would perform all sort of tricks. Sometimes as Kiriti would try and apologize to god for such thoughts during puja, the Clown in him would explain that his compass of manhood itself was a god’s gift.