Author: V. S. Sury

Jestus on Rampage

Book Blurb:

You might have seen eccentric professors. But our man is The Impossible Professor. Bagdenborg is gentle, mild-mannered and steeped in unfathomable humour. You have to invent a new word to describe his sense of humour. With that, he enters the NG University on horseback and straightaway commences on one unbelievable act after another, gathering enthusiastic student-followers around him, and a befuddled-and-enraged college faculty across him, throwing the smooth working machinery of the college out of gear. Unable to bear the impossible professor, the university finally throws him out. The professor goes out as he came in—riding his horse in a grand style. Then, in another town, the Society of Rationalists vow to destroy our man, whose special ‘fentological’ way of life seems to threaten all rational way of thinking. The Society sends four expert agents to silence the gentle professor, but, alas, the tough, no-nonsense agents fail miserably. Jestus on Rampage is a superbly amusing read that can leave you rolling on the ground with uncontrollable laughter. But be warned too. Everything that happens through and around Professor Bagdenborg appears to be unreal, virtual, illusory, bewildering. But yet, the happenings have a great ring of fondly appealing reality!

Book Review:

Nowadays this world revolves around logic. No matter what the point of discussion, if you prove your topic by logic, you win the argument..bu default. So what happens when someone comes and says things like “non logic” is much better than logic. Or that non logic could win over logic!

Such are the words of Professor Bagdenborg.

I loved reading about him and his eccentrics, he seemed like that loveable but bit strange professor that one might find in colleges.The high point it was when the professor wins a game of chess with the help of his non-logic….CHESS…the very game whose foundation lies on logic! After winning, when the professor gives an explanation of how he won…it just was worth respect.

The writing is quite complex. The writer challenges you to keep reading. The pace of the story is also quite fast, so you find yourself compelled to read the book in one sitting or as fast as possible. Even when you are not reading, you will keep on thinking about it…since the professor keeps proving non logic, you keep wanting to read to see how on earth is he doing all this? For example..he correctly guesses the outcome of 10 subsequent coin toss. How is he doing it? Is it magic…?

Intelligent writing at its best!

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