When we first came to Bangalore and wanted to visit the Cubbon Park, we were in a fix. Since we did not own a car at that time, how to go there.

We decided to go with rental taxis. So basically, we booked the taxi and then called up the driver and told him that we were traveling with a dog. At first, we tried Uber for a few times, but all drivers said no. Then we tried Ola, the first driver said no..but the second one agreed!

We carried a bedsheet to place on the back seat. And had a great ride there. You can read about our trip here.

While going back, we again tried ola app, and the first driver agreed to take us back!

So, all thanks to Ola, we had an amazing trip!

Really, thank you, Ola for being pet-friendly and making the pet lovers lives much better! 🙂

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