Author: T. Muralidharan

Book Blurb:

An Expert’s Guide to Top 101 Entry-level Jobs for MBAs and Graduates identifies job roles that will create nearly 2 million new entry-level vacancies in the next six years. Analyses of the data released by the National Skill Development Corporation reveals that these corporate jobs will benefit a plethora of aspirants, including those with qualifications such as BE, BTech, BA, BCom, BSc, BBA, BCA, BPharm, BL, as well as MBA, MCA, MBBS, CA, ICWA, CS and diplomas.
Bestselling author T. Muralidharan is one of India’s top recruiters and career columnists. In his first book, he revealed how many job seekers go for the first available job only to regret joining within months and also how taking up the Right First Job (RFJ) can be the secret to reaching the top. In this book, he goes far beyond identifying the top jobs by helping readers understand the job roles in the context of how organizations work, answering crucial questions such as: What responsibilities does the role entail? What are the skills required? What will the stress levels be like? What salary can you expect? What are the career prospects?
With practical insights and contemporary data, this first-of-its-kind book to hit the Indian market will help you find the right job and drive your career firmly to the top.

My Review:

For any graduate who is fresh out of college, getting the first job can be quite confusing. Especially when it is the college who is offering placement. While taking admission, that 100% job guarantee seems quite alluring, but the reality is that when offering that job, the college hardly takes into consideration your dreams and aspirations. And let’s face it, in India, people jump straight from school to graduation and then to post graduation. Unless you have worked, you really are not aware of all the nitty-gritty of corporate lives, so chances are, even the students are not aware of what they would like to specifically do in their lives. So the level of dissonance from the first job is quite high.

This book tackles that problem head on. This is a well-researched book that needs to be on the shelf of every student who is looking for their first job.

The author has meticulously researched each and every entry level job there is and has specified what would the job specification for each job be. Quite often, the students are unaware of what they would actually be doing on the job, before taking up the job. This is the book that would help them be aware.

Sometimes it also happens that students are not aware of the choices that they might have. I mean, yes, they are aware of generic jobs, but there are some awesome jobs out there as well. This book takes each industry and details out each and every aspect of entry level jobs.

Really guys, refer to this book, before taking the plunge in your corporate life. It could save months (or even years) of being stuck in the wrong job.

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