Author: Rahul Bhatt


Book Blurb:

“It is alright to cry”- says the soothing voice from the Helpline. And the choked emotions come to the fore filling the line with his sobs… eventually making him confident enough to start reading his ancestor’s memoirs. From 1857 to 1984… the story of Delhi seems interwoven with his family history. It is a city that provided him with shelter, yet never was quite the home he yearned for.
‘Roots’ is the story of Ganesh, a priest and astrologer who makes a living predicting others’ future. Unknown to him, fate has woven a strange twist into his life. Concurrently, ‘Roots’ also tells the story of his hometown doomed to lose its existence in the march towards development. Who wants this development? Do the residents have any say regarding their future? Can there be any compensation for losing one’s home and hearth?
A suicide, a dam, a reality show…. all come together in this gripping tale of longing and displacement that tugs at the heart for what could have been…”

My Review:

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The first thing that hits you when you read Roots is the excellent character description. The author has managed to sketch out each and every character so vividly that each and every character had a place in your heart.

Complex emotions have been handled so beautifully and maturely. The author has done a great job portraying the emotions and the complexities of the human emotions.

One of my favorite character in the book is Rashmi. She is this strong, independent woman who wants to focus on her job. She is not ready to leave her aspirations behind in order to get married. I loved the way her relationship with her mother has been portrayed. In fact, all the relationships that have been portrayed in this book somehow or other has a very realistic feel to it. You feel like all this is happening to your neighbors, people you know!

One of my most favorite dialogues happens when Rashmi’s mom is forcing her to get married. She asked her mother to find her a house husband, someone who would stay at home and take care of both of them. Her mother is quite shocked, to which she replied if men can ask for housewives, why can’t women ask for house husbands? Awesome thought!

This is indeed an amazing book to read. If  you are looking for something complex yet simple, definitely pick this one up!