Game of Blogs

Six Degrees

Book Blurb:

As part of their #CelebrateBlogging initiative,, ran the first edition of Game of Blogs in September 2014. Five characters and their descriptions were provided. The objective was to write a fictional story revolving around these characters. Bloggers came together as teams and after three rounds filled with its own set of twists and turns, three stories made it to the end.

The three stories in this book are a fascinating example of how one set of characters can have interesting lives with completely different dimensions. Six Degrees is a result of how collaboration can truly breed creativity in the modern day world of connected living.

Book Review:

This book was a part of BlogAdda’s celebrate blogging inititative wherein a group of bloggers would get togather and post one chapter each on their blogs, out of all those groups, three of them were selected. I also took part in this, check out my post here. So for me this was more to see how I could improve my writing skills. To see where I lacked and how could I be better.

So, basically, each of the groups were given names of the main characters along with a brief of their relationship and you have to weave a story from there. So all the three stories had the same characters, but had different storyline. It was so impressive to view how each of them came up with a whole new angle for the same set of characters. Although each story is written by a group of people, it is so well written that you feel there is just one voice.

I loved the bookcover as well as the name. It truly showcased what the book was all about in a subtle way. Loved those caricatured faces.

So the three sets of stories are called: The Awakening, Entangled Lives and Missing – A journey within. Of which my favourite was The Awakening mainly because it had too many mysterious elements.

So basically all three stories have a nuclear family of three. A husband (Shekhar), his wife (Tara) and their daughter (Roohi). We also have Aryan, their neighbour, Jennifer, a photographer and Cyrus, a law student.

The first story is a sci-fi where Shekhar and Jennifer are involved in some kind of a cult that believes in alients. So basically we are told that there are three kinds of alients: the bad ones who want to take over the Earth, the good ones who stay on earth in human forms and the meh-ones who really just dont care. The repurcussions of these two’s beliefs casts a shadow on every other character. What I liked the most about this was that initially it started as a nice little family drama..suddenly you have a flash of mystery and you get intregued as to what would be going on..and it is just a flash..then it goes on to be the normal family drama. So you are on your hooks. I also liked all of a sudden the story’s focus is shifted to the man in the shadows. It adds the mystirious element to the scifi.  One quote that I would like to highlight that ressonated a lot with me was:

The happiness of sharing things with someone who understood your madness was quite incomparable.

The next story is a classic murder mystery. When all the characters are in the house, the maid is murdered. But how is that possible? And there is no motive. The character of the Inspector is also quite interesting.

The third story is a sordid tale of loosing and finding your loved one. It starts with Roohi going missing from School due to a missunderstanding between her parents. Jennifer comes to know that she is missing and recollects that she had photographed her the same day. Parallely Cyrus also goes missing from his house. Is this a coincidence or are both of them connected? The raw emotions potrayed were written quite spectacularly.

Since all these stories are so different, it is like getting different tastes in the same book. Truly a great read.

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