Author: Sanjay B. Tari

The Youngster Who Became A Spy


Book Blurb:

The book is a thriller, set in the 3rd and 4th Century AD, about a youngster who navigates
his way through to the upper echelons of the state’s administration through determination.

The newly acquired territory of Kaunse, in the ancient kingdom is at the crossroads of
conspiracy. Deepo, a dynamic youngster, who is a typical citizen, rises to the occasion
of spying for his beloved kingdom. His effort, skill, dedication, and an uncanny ability
to survive and thrive in the utmost inhospitable conditions, save the kingdom from
disaster on more than two occasions.
The visionary emperor alters the way of thinking of the common man and in the process

enriches the entire administrative machinery.
The spy, the emperor, or his advisors are unaware about the threats to their kingdom.

A certain turn of events over a period, causes uneasiness within the empire. A thrilling
training of spies, their tests, a meticulously planned intelligence operation, and chase,
and finally the search of the unknown follows.”

My Review:

This is a through and an interesting read. If you like to read about ancient India as well as the exciting spy missions, this is the book for you.

The writing style was simple, the story was exceptionally well researched, the author was in his element while writing it. Such complex features of the story were narrated so beautifully.

While reading the story, you feel you are living the moment. The whole scene becomes vivid and you feel immersed in the story and its characters. The male characters were sketched out really well.

There were minor grammatical errors, but there were not that many to take it away from the story.

Also, while I understand that the era of the story was such, I would have liked to see better female characters. Since in the book, the only thing the females were seen doing was cook.

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