Author: Mayur Patel

Scarlet Nights

Book Blurb:

Smart, sexy and confident, Malvika Chauhan lives an enviably perfect life in Mumbai. She has a flourishing career, a loving boyfriend and a promising future.

Spiteful, fearless and mysterious, Margrita lives on the extreme ends. Self-merriment is the only thing that matters to her.

Destiny plays wicked and brings the two women face to face with each other. While Malvika knows nothing about Margrita, Margrita is well-aware of the hidden secrets of Malvika’s past. Malvika’s life turns sour as she struggles against the insufferable circumstances inflicted upon her by Margrita. It’s a situation she cannot escape. If the hidden secrets get disclosed, Malvika will be finished. She will lose every precious thing she has… her career, her prestige, her love…

‘Scarlet Nights’ is a haunting tale of the unfathomable depths inside the human psyche.

My Review:

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Scarlet nights is one engrossing read. A short 220-page book that would leave you wanting more.

Even when you read the first chapter of the book, you find yourself sucked into the world of Malvika. The writing style is excellent, the author has managed to set a good pace throughout the book.

The story line is fresh and leaves the readers on their toes. Every time you feel you know the story, it changes!

While there were minor grammatical errors, all in all, the story and the twists were such that the book can easily become popular.

The characterizations were quite impressive. I loved the character of Malvika, she was this strong, independent woman with a mind of her own. She owns her own business and has managed to create a life on her own. I did not quite like the character of Shekhar, I felt he was a bit too cocky. All authors can create characters, only some can create them in a way that readers can form their own opinions on them. Kudos to Mayur Patel for creating such characters.

I enjoyed reading this book!

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