Being a book blogger, I get a lot of requests from new authors to review books. For most of the part, it is a win-win situation as I get to read new books and they get their books featured on this blog.

But then there are certain authors who feel entitled to have their books on my site just because they have a book. They forget few very important things, book reviewers invest time when reviewing books, and you need to request for that time. Just because someone loves to read and have read new authors in past does not mean they HAVE TO read your book.

Which is why when I see emails that start like:

“Hi, I have written a new book, and I want you to review it on your blog”

I am not going to read further, simply because by this one statement you are saying that this is what you want me to do. This is wrong.

If we look at it in marketing terms, you have a commodity that you are selling, your book is your commodity. As a book reviewer, I am a consumer. A consumer has a choice as to which commodity he or she wants to buy or spend time on. When you ask me, or any other book reviewer, to review your book, you are essentially asking for us to take a few hours or days off our schedules in order to read your book.

So, when you start with “I want you to review my book”. The rebel in me goes, “Well I certainly will not do what you want me to do. Who are you to tell me what you want me to do, and more importantly, why should I do what you want me to do?” And then I delete the mail.

When you are requesting for a book review, you need to do just that, request..not order. The wording is important and you, as a writer, should know this by now.

So please, do not treat reviewers like they owe you shit, coz we do not. We have spent years on creating even a slightly successful blog. It has taken effort and a lot of time. Keep that in mind when requesting a review.

Let the reviewer know about your book, tell them why you think it might interest them and then ASK them if they would be interested in giving it a read. This is the least amount of courtesy that we expect and really this is how it should be.