Author: Paras

Book Blurb:

“Hues of Modern Love” is a story that attempts to explain the difference between the actual meaning of Love and the one that is being interpreted these days. Love is not restricted to physical intimacy but it is also a sublime connection with the soul of the other person. The plot revolves around three people, who become friends during a journey. Their conversation takes a different turn and they disclose secrets that had been buried in their past.

My Review:

The blurb of this book shows a lot of potential, unfortunately the book falls to meet any of these expectations.

The pace of the story is too fast and the writing style is quite jarring. There are sudden shifts from first and third person POVs. The conversation flow is quite elementary.

The book is filled with grammatical errors so much so that even the title of the first chapter has an error!

The character introductions were quite redundant. Most of the side male characters were written off as “Stupid” by the protagonist, and the female characters (including the lady whose voice is used in Indian Railway speakers) were introduced as “sweet lady”.

There were quite a few male and female tropes used, you know those “all girls are….” “all males are….”. The author also seems to have quite biased view of the term “nerds”.

All in all, this is a first draft of a novel and still needs to be polished and reworked in order to be a published novel.