Author: M C Raj

The Crossbow Code

Book Blurb:

The media is agog as the pope passes out mysteriously on seeing Kris, thought to be terrorist. But he is one? Kris escapes from the police and returns to meet the pope again, after which pope is found poisoned to death! On the run, Kris reaches Mumbai, where he gets to know that a prominent freedom fighter, Mohandas was instrumental in his escape. But the man is not as he seems and Kris is dismayed by the experiment taking palace at his ashram. However a chance encounter leads him to Germany. But someone wants him dead and attempts an assassination that could spell doom for Kris. Who is behind the pope murder? How are these countries connected? Who wants Kris Dead? And, lastly who is the mysterious Kris.

My Review:

The name of the book as well as the blurb was what enticed me to pick this book up. I admit that the cover was a bit too much for me, I would have preferred something a little less cluttered.

The storyline is quite interesting and the writing style has made it a smooth read. The writing is surprisingly good, it feels like a breath of fresh air amidst all the clutter that we see in the publishing field these days. The narration style is quite different and it feels you are included in the plot.

There was a bit of history peppered throughout the book which made it quite an interesting read. The story did lag in a few parts, a bit of tightening of the story could have been done.

In the end, this is a good book, I will definitely pick this up again.