Author: SWETA

Lot For Others

Book Blurb:

Do the looks of a person matter in a true relationship? Why does a relationship end? Just because the redundant questions of the society can’t be answered? What would you feel when you meet that one person, whom you had left once upon a time, for the sake of his happiness in this ever-judging world, but whose actual happiness was in you, something you didn’t understand then. How would you react when you have to choose either one of two important things? Can life always give you a second chance? The story revolves around Ishanvi, a chubby girl. Everyone likes her, but only a few love her. Her looks are not appealing, whereas, her heart is of gold. She always puts herself behind others. She thinks of the world before contemplating about herself. What will happen when she gets into a relationship with a guy who is the dream man of every girl? Read the book to find answers to these questions, which, one day, you may ask yourself in life

My Review:

The premises of the story is really good. It shows us how in this shallow world we tend to focus more on the outside beauty than who we really are as a person. Not just our partner’s looks, even our looks (or our perception of our looks) matter so much to us that it could affect our relationships. This book reminded me a little of Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell.

There were editing mistakes like using commas, wrong places or wrong usage of apostrophes or even incorrect word usage at some points.

Also, the author did rely on stereotypes at some points in the story like portraying all girls as jealous, which I felt was quite unnecessary, it would have been better if the narration just said that the girl in question was jealous. Jealousy is an emotion, everyone feels it, so it was not necessary to add that only women feel jealous.

Each chapter was really short, three to four sides long, which was a good thing in this book as it helped keep the story short and crisp and helped keep my attention to all the happenings in the story.

There were points in stories where someone says something worth quoting, those lines were highlighted in Italics. Which I felt was unnecessary as it is not the book’s job to say ‘hey! Look at these line in me, so intelligent!”.

One thing that I felt really strongly was that the protagonist’s boyfriend slaps her as he feels she has done something that would endanger her. This incident was written off as a normal behavior of a “protective” boyfriend. That is wrong on so many levels. Protective or not, your boyfriend has no right to hit you. He hits you, you dump him. That it how it should be. There should be no excuse for such an abusive and gaslighting relation.

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