Author: Pravin Rathod

Confusingly Interesting or Interestingly Confused

Book Blurb:

Sometimes, life comes with more questions and less answers and sometimes with many answers for a single question… and either way you remain CONFUSED! Four friends, a tour to Goa and everyone’s secret love life is revealed. Tik, Kash, NP, and VJ takes you on such a confusing ride where each one of them remains confused about one or the other things in life. Interest? – Confusion Education? – Confusion Friendship? – Confusion Love? – Confusion Career? – Confusion Life? – Confusion… Throughout their lives, many things change but the only thing that doesn’t… is CONFUSION. Welcome to their world of confusion…

My Review:

To be honest the narrative of the book was not up to the mark. The writing style was very bland and lazy, I felt that more efforts should have been made to make the book more interesting. There were many instances in the book that the author used “or something” as a description which does not really sit well with me. It makes the whole work seem unrefined.  At times,  the writing was downright amateurish like the time breasts were described as “bulging part of her body”.

The level of English is very elementary, which could have been good if it did not have too many grammatical, redundancy and capitalization errors.

There was also a high level of stereotyping, especially of females. Like the line ” We guys certainly do not know when girls could get hurt by any of our acts or words, which may appear pointless to us, but for them it may hold a great value (and which is seriously insane)”, or  the fact that girls do not care about timings or that girls never use brains in critical situations and act on whatever they have implanted in their minds or guys who control their drinking urges are said to have “girl hormones” one point in the book, a girl was even referred to as a “thing”.. The stereotyping was also extended to nerds..the common trope that all nerds are boring was well established here…repeatedly.

Coming to the storyline, it was nothing new. Yet another average almost perverted guy’s adventures with his friends and their romantic interests and conquests.

I do not really recommend this book.