A Resort Review

Marriage ceremonies and the endless shopping sprees can be an exhausting and taxing. Now add an operation, subsequent physiotherapy sessions and horrible hitting-your-head-and-clogging your-nose cold to the mix. So it was no shock to anyone that by the time I and the husband reached Bangalore post wedding we were totally exhausted!

Our plan was to leave Bangalore by train to Mysore the early next morning. From there the Orange County people were going to send a car to take us to Coorg.

Since our train was supposed to leave Bangalore station at 4 in the morning, we decided to reach the station the previous night itself. While the initial plan was to book an OYO room for some comfort, the hotel staff asked for the marriage certificate to prove you are married. The husband told them we can show you pics, but since we got married only a few days ago we do not have a certificate. They were insistent, which irritated us, and we cut the call. All this led to us sitting on a railway station in the middle of the night, sick to my bones, and enjoying the experience. The train ride to Mysore gave us a few hours of sleep. Unfortunately, the woolen hat I was wearing mysteriously disappeared while on the train. I swear it was on my head when I slept! We looked everywhere..it was my favourite one too.

So we reached the station and were greeted with a very friendly staff of Orange County, he asked if we wanted breakfast first, or should we drive to the resort directly. We choose the former (his saying it was complimentary did have a major role in our choice.)

Even the Innova smelt wonderful and it was so relaxing! There was a basket of juices and knick knacks which really revived us…The drive to Coorg was just so amazing, the view of the place, especially the last few kilometers was just like heaven!

On reaching the Orange County we were given coffee and were shown to our private pool suite. It is said that pictures tell a thousand words, so I will let the pictures do the talking as to how our room was:

The Staff was extremely polite and everytime you meet someone you are greeted with a Namaskaram.

The entire property is quite serene and quite. You truly get the feeling the feeling that you are one with nature.

There are number of activities to enjoy depending on your preference. So when you are not immersing yourself in your own private pool you can opt for there. We had opted for a plantation walk (where you get a guided walk and tour of the entire plantation area and get an idea on the entire coffee manufacturing process) and worker’s trail (where you get to don the worker’s uniforms, sit in a tractor to go and work in the fields) and a coracle ride. You would get an idea about different activities from the lively activity room.

If you are not in the mood for activities, you can visit the library. It is situated overlooking the river. The collection of books was really good, so if you have forgotten your books at home, you need not worry! You could even opt for a relaxing massage at the spa. The massage was indeed more relaxing than anything I have ever experienced, the prayer at the start and a hot cup of green tea at the end, you never want that experience to end.

There are three different restaurants here. One is granary, which is the main restaurant. You get buffet lunch and dinner here. You even get snacks overlooking the public pool in the afternoons! Other options are peppercorn (bbq) and another pure vegetarian restaurant. The food spread in all three restaurants was to die for. Pre-dinner you get to enjoy a cultural show that showcased dances from the area.

Special mention: The towel animals on the bed were so cute, they are really worth the mention.

This was a trip that will stay with us for ever!