Author: Pamela Evans

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Book Blurb:

A heartrending London wartime saga from much-loved author Pamela Evans.

For the Porters and the Mills, family and friendship are the glue that binds everything together. So when the Porters’ home is destroyed in the Blitz and only seventeen-year-old Nell and her little sister Pansy survive, all their lives are shattered. Peg Mills is determined to look after her best friend’s daughters. And, in time, the girls begin to thrive – Pansy, evacuated to the countryside and Peg’s loving mother, and Nell in her new job at the local newspaper. But trouble is on its way. Nell discovers her handsome suitor Gus Granger is hiding a dangerous secret. And, just when she needs him the most, her closest confidant Ed Mills is declared missing in action. Nell suddenly realises that Ed means much more to her than just a friend. But will she ever see him again to tell him her true feelings?

My Review:

This is a quick, fast and compelling read.

While this is not the best world war 2 book, this is a book that is a light read.

While the start of the book was very promising, while we get to the middle it becomes a bit tedious.

I liked the way the characters are portrayed. While I was a bit dismayed that they were not grey, they were really well sketched out.

But, if you are not in the mood for some serious read yet do not prefer to read those oh-so-predictable romance novels, this book will do the trick.

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