Be Yourself

Author: Shreyasi Rhittika Phukon

Book Blurb:

’18 Via Teen- Be yourself’ the name says it all. It enumerates the various phases of a teen and the hopes, aspirations, apprehensions, ambiguity, insecurity, dilemma, restlessness and sensitiveness, associated with each phase. Each story vividly depicts the psychological aspects of a teenage girl/boy and how the intuition helps her/his to overcome the hurdles one after another, which in teen makes her/his matured.

My Review:

18 Via Teen is an anthology that depicts the trials and tribulations of teenage life in India. The stories have both male and female protagonists, so the reader gets an unbiased view of all the aspects of teenage life in India.

The story that I liked the most was the first one. It is a story of a girl who gets followed by a goon. Living in a college town during my bachelors’ time, I have come across countless such incidents. I especially liked the way the girl in question handled the situation.

All of the stories had interesting quotations at the start, but those were not credited. If it had the name of the person who said the said quotation that would have been better.

The cover of the book is also quite amateurish. A teen of the current generation would rarely get attracted to pick this book up.

The book had many grammatical and editing errors which hindered the whole reading process. Also, I had the e-copy and the fonts were going all over the place. The fonts changed in the middle of the sentences, sometimes half the sentence is bold, sometimes the font size differed and sometimes randomly ‘II’ character was inserted . The pdf also had a two-column format, which is good for reports, but while reading in an e-reader, it becomes a chore to go from one column to other. An ebook should always have one column book type format.

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