Words that Shaped the World

Author: Edward Humphreys

Book Blurb:

Great Speeches brings together the most powerful and stirring addresses delivered in the English language, capturing the significant historical events of the past four hundred years in the words of their participants. The selection includes a full range of inspiring speakers: kings and queens are featured next to presidents and prime ministers; great human rights leaders stand with great military leaders. There are speeches delivered at times of great hope, such as John F. Kennedy’s inaugural address, and others delivered at times of great sorrow, such as Robert Kennedy’s remarks on the death of Martin Luther King. Presented chronologically, each speech is preceded by a brief introduction. Great Speeches also includes an overall introduction and biographical sketches of each speaker.

My Review:

An inspiring book with the best speeches from around the world!

While most of us, or at least those of us who are interested in history know of these speeches, reading them in their entirety is a completely different experience. Especially when you know the context, some of these speeches give you goosebumps.

Unlike other books of this kind, this book has a paragraph that tells the reader why the speech was made and a brief note on the conditions of that time. So as a reader, you get an idea as to the context in which that particular speech was being made.

This book has so many motivational and inspiring quotes.

Totally a must read to get a holistic view of the world.

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