The Guardian of Dakshin Durgh

Author: Mary John Williams

Book Blurb:

Aryaveer has always been the shield and armour of Bhupala kingdom, ever since he joined the army. The pain of betrayal that he nurtures in his heart from his childhood turns him into a strong, brave and ruthless warrior. In 1315 AD, following the death of their army General, Aryaveer leads his soldiers to victory by capturing the impenetrable fort of Udaygiri, thus putting an end to the prolonged war. Pleased by his valor and strength, King Mahindra appoints him as the new Army General. Under his leadership, Bhupala kingdom rises into a super power, spreading across the length and breadth of peninsular India[Dakshin Durgh].
His life takes a mysterious turn when he falls in love with Meera, a princess by birth, caught in the whirlwind of conspiracies and hunted by many. She tames his aggression and takes his heart away from war and bloodshed.
In the meanwhile the disappearance of prince Indra, the only heir to the throne of Bhupala kingdom, irks king Mahindra. The ego dented king, hatches a noxious plan to become the emperor of India and entrusts Aryaveer with the duty of executing his plans.
Will Aryaveer once again walk on the war torn path for his king, or will he try to protect his castle of love from the dark tempest of greed and hatredness?

My Review:

This book is surprisingly very good. It is hard to believe that this is the author’s first book. The plot is intricately woven and all the characters are well sketched out.

I really liked the book cover, especially the fact that the man’s face is hidden, it adds to the mystery and lures you in. Definitely one of the better covers that I have been seeing these days.

One of the first characters we meet is an Army General who is conversing with the king. I loved the fact that the author conspicuously mentions ‘she’ for the general, and then it hits you, the general is a female! We then go on to find out how much of an awesome person Dharmishta is. My only grievance with this book is that Dharmishta should have had more space…I loved her!

One more aspect of this book that I really liked is how the author writes war scenes. She writes the war from point of view of both the sides, so we, as readers, have a much better understanding of what is going on and thus become much more invested in the storyline.

The protagonist of this novel, Aryaveer believes in doing the right thing and does not give in to what people want him to do, even though if he gives in no one would bat an eyelid, this comes out strongly with what happened to the Dharmishta episode. I do not want to say much more, as it would spoil it for those who have not read this book, but the decision that Aryaveer took, really made me respect him.

As you might have already noticed I am writing of these characters as “people”, because the author has displayed a wonderful writing ability which paints a picture in your mind. So you are there when this whole thing is happening and the characters are more than just characters, they are flesh and blood.

While there were some editing mistakes like spacing issues, punctuation issues, etc they were not that much of a hinderance as the overall story line was amazing. But, the author could look into this in her next book.

While this is predominantly an action book, the romance angle is so heartwarming. The romance is so beautifully merged with the action, the balance between both is just perfect.

Totally a book worth a read!

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