Sub Title:  On the Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are

Author: Alan W. Watts

The Book: On the Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are Book Blurb:

A witty attack on the illusion that the self is a separate ego that confronts a universe of alien physical objects.




My Review:

As the title suggests, this is a non-fiction book wherein the author presents an array of ideas that one might not have thought of before. Like the Gaia theory, the author argues that everything and everyone in this world is connected. In most of his ideas, he shows the stark contrast between the western and the eastern philosophies. The issue that I had, as a person living in the said “eastern world”, I was already aware of what the author was talking about. Personally, the ideas did not feel so revolutionary to me.

No doubt there are some good points in this book, but they were not earth shattering.

The writing style of this book is pretty interesting, it felt like sitting in a conference with someone giving a talk. Which, after a while got quite boring.

All in all, this is not a book that I would recommend.