Poet: Manish Ranjan

Book Blurb:

Glittering Shadows, is not just a book. It is the beat of a heart – a heart full of endless and ageless love. It is a book that celebrates love, values little things of life and nurtures our soul. It is a book of word art where imagination and love get married in bliss. The poems in this book will take you on a virtual tour to the world of the author, where he weaves with his words, the different facets and shades of love.

“Words have power” – they say, and a poet has his words as a weapon; a weapon to fight against injustice. Glittering Shadows has the voice of protest against the misogynist attitude of our society and the nature of injustice we do to our women, who is a mother, a sister, a wife and a daughter. In some of the poems, the author has given a poetic expression on womanhood and a voice of protest against the atrocities on our women.

My Review:

This is the first review of a Poetry book on this site. So, I will try my best to give it justice.

Reading these poetries took me to a place where all is nice and sweet.  The poems are written in a simple language, yet reading them forms images in your mind and makes you feel the emotions the poet has written about.

Love and loneliness are emotions that rarely few have been able to escape. Manish does an exceptional job painting such emotions. To quote few lines from his poem “A broken heart walking ashore“:

I was a lonely heart wandering, and lost amidst the crowd,

Wherever I looked, I could see souls in love, holding each other.

These two lines just blew me away. In just these two lines the author manages to convey the feelings that we all have.

While all the poems are distinctively beautiful and poignant in their own way, a few just stood apart by their sheer brilliance. A few of them were:

“Silent First Love”

“A Tight Hug Was All She Needed”

and “Tears of Life”

I had once heard a saying that the best things in life come in short packages…this is one such book. You should definitely give it a try.

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