Author: Ashutosh Srivastava

Book Blurb:

This is the story of a person who met a lot of temporary people in his life. If you meet a girl in a new place, be it a college, a coaching centre, a train, an office or any other place, and if you find her beautiful, you will definitely try to approach her. You will, maybe, send her a friend request on Facebook. She might accept your request or she might not. But, one thing is quite definite, that she will visit your profile for sure. This is us; this is human psychology or just the mentality that we have developed over the years. It’s a story of a person meeting different girls with whom he could have had some chemistry, but there was always some or the other ‘but’. He had some good features, but his bad ones outnumbered the good. He did some magic, due to which he was able to change his life. Being overweight for him was among his major tensions. However, he lost 30 kgs of weight in six months, and consequently, the people who used to hate him started liking him. The gym freaks are often considered as dumb and writers are often considered as genius. He acted of being both.

My Review:

After reading about the author, the witty way he introduces himself, I kind of had some expectations from this book.

But unfortunately, this book did not meet those expectations.

For one, I was confused as to the genre of the book. If this is a work of fiction, the author’s voice was so loud in this book that it overshadowed the story, and if this was nonfiction,it was too generic a story to warrant a telling.

There are enough books in Indian Publishing industry about a below average guy who is ‘crazy’ about the opposite sex. The only difference in this book was instead of one girl, there were many.

The author should have refrained from giving his opinions and meaning about every simple thing. The reason that people read books is to form their own opinions. I kind of felt that the author had very low opinion of his reader’s mind as he defined even the most mundane thing. For example,  where he mentions that the protagonist’s dad wanted him to go to a home tutor. Then he goes on to define that a home tutor is someone who teaches at home or calls students in one place. This level of defining every single allegedly ‘difficult’ words was a bit irritating.

Also, there were quite a few grammatical mistakes in this book, not to mention, the book cover has a caucasian male, where in the story it is an Indian fellow.