Remember all those times salivating over ah-maz-ing bookshelves on Instagram, Tumbler and Pinterest? YUP….we all have been there.

So, when we shifted to a new city, in an unfurnished house…one of my major concerns was finding THE RIGHT bookshelf. I did not want to end up with an oh so ordinary one after all.

Yea…turns out dream bookshelves cost a bomb.

So while I was spending some sleepless nights and long hours during the day to find the one..while trying not to completely empty out the bank…I came across this website:

These people had some amazing bookshelves, and the prices were sooo unbelievably cheap!

I immediately got this beauty:


It was in the “unboxed” condition. The shelves look pretty darn amazing!

I can’t wait till I bring all the books at one place and fill this baby up!

For those of you who are looking for some amazing furniture, and are living in Bangalore or NCR, try this site.

They come and install the furniture within 2 working days!

Watch my bookshelf tour on my Youtube channel.