Author: R Santosh

The Science RedemptionBook Blurb:

The tussle between science and religion: age-old. Religion believes that God created the universe and then humans almost simultaneously. Dipti was about to reveal two stunning truths that would establish, once and for all, the natural origin and evolution of all matter and life in the universe, ultimately proving the nonexistence of any God. The Science Redemption is based on two sets of stories. The first part describes the lives of six individuals, Aditya, Sneha, Pallavi, Siddharth, Priyanka and Vivek, and six different romances involving them, in the setting of urban India in the 1980s to early 2000s. The second part is set over a thrilling 46 hours in 2028 AD. It describes a battle between the scientific revelation team with Dipti on one side versus perhaps the longest-lasting religious cult in the world on the other. As the battle takes place, Dipti stumbles upon astonishing historical facts ranging from 5500 BC to 2010 AD and turns almost all the stories described in part one of the book on their heads.

My Review:

The age old debate of science vs religion gets a new take in R. Santosh’s book “The Science Redemption.”

The book starts on a seemingly completely unrelated story of 6 friends. It kind of gets you wondering why the book was named thus. But, the second part of the story really ties down all those loose ends perfectly. While reading you come to know that each individual story had been connected to the main story line all along. Really commendable job by the author.

While the initial story lines were a bit just-like-your-next book with the couples and the college life drama, the fast paced thrill of the second half more than made up for it.To be honest, I liked how the author brought together these story lines, more than the conclusion of the story.

The way the last part of the book spans out, and how the author manages to draw out parallels between the science part by focusing on the interactions of our protagonist Dipti with her mentor from NASA vis a vis her interaction with the member of a secret religious group.

While the plot is complex, the language is pretty lucid, this can be quite a task but the author manages it beautifully.

Dipti is, without a doubt, one of the most interesting female characters that I have read. She is a scientist with a logical mind. Loved the fact that the author was able to chat out such interesting characteristics to all, male and female characters. Such realistic and individualistic characteristics of all is rarely seen, especially in the Indian publishing industry. Great job there!

On the flipside, the book cover is a major let down. I feel that the main readers who would be interested in this kind of a book, would hardly pick up a book with a cover like this.

But all in all, a really good read, Mr. R. Santosh is an author to look out for.