Author: Subramoniam Rangaswami


Book Blurb:

FULL MOONS MANY MORE (A surgeon’s exploration of the meaning of healing) HEALING ! Magic word for a stunning phenomenon! Biology’s prodigious endowment to life! Nature’s enduring gift to all living beings! How do we heal our wounds most of the time? And, why do we fail sometimes? In his book Full moons many more Subramoniam Rangaswami explores the many facets of healing – from its catastrophic breakdown to the most unexpected and miraculous expression – in several real-life stories narrated with style, humor and almost mystical fervor. Sure to keep the reader spellbound. How does the ‘uncertain art’ of Medicine wrestle with the staggering complexities of the three and a half billion year-old phenomenon? We learn from uncle Sankaran in the story (who has seen a thousand full moons!) that in the final analysis, it is our efforts to bring ‘cosmic wisdom’ in perfect alignment with ‘local fitness’ that help complete our journey of healing.


This book came at the most perfect time.My left leg’s ligament had a tear, and when this book came to me, I had just gone through the operation, and was on my way to recovery with help of physiotherapy sessions. So, I could relate to this story on so many levels.

This is a story on how sometimes, even with the best doctors, even the most routine operations can go wrong.

What I got out of this story was along with the medications it is also the patient’s outlook and overall attitude towards healing also matters a lot.

Since this book went into too much details on some of the topics, being a commerce students, it went straight above my head. I feel, that people who have studied science, or are in some way connected to it would be able to grasp it better.

My favorite part of the book was when author compared Sir Aurobindo’s works with healing and sciences.

The ending of the book, gave a very realistic and a holistic feeling to the entire story line. It feels strange to use “story line” word for this, as it went into so much depth that it felt like I was reading more of a non fiction than a fiction.

An excellent read for those who are interested in medical sciences or healing. I really enjoyed reading this book, after a long time, found a book that was challenging to read!