Recently, the new star cast of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child was made public. It created an uproar, but even more than celebrating that we are getting Harry Potter back after all these years, people focused on one thing: Skin colour of the actress who will be playing Hermione Granger.

Recently there was an article, that those who grow up reading Harry Potter are significantly less likely to be racists and more likely to be accepting of other people. The fandom just proved that theory wrong.

How does it matter if Hermione is black or white? How would it change any thing to the main story line? How is it even important?

Many people say she is not Emma Watson…well guess what? Emma Watson is not Hermione either…she is a character who was chosen to play Hermione.

Also, if you look at the character description, Rowling mentions “Busy Haired and Bucktoothed”, that I think suits Nora more, just saying.

Yes, we have grown used to seeing Emma Watson as Hermione. But, that does not mean any other person cannot be Hermione! For the readers, who were fans before the movies, I am quite sure had imagined a totally different Hermione, I know I had…

More Importantly, if Harry Potter ever taught us anything, was to look beyond the surface. To see people for who they really are, and not what they looked like!

To conclude I’d like to say, Hermione is Hermione..doesn’t matter if she’s black or white!