Author: G. J. Griffiths

So What's Next! (SoWhat! Stories, #2)

Book Blurb:

Molly Pearson is a young Biology teacher with two passions in her life: a strong commitment to protecting wildlife; and a desire to encourage the children in her classes to feel the same enthusiasm for Nature.

When her class decide they would like to restore the school’s neglected and vandalised nature corner her hopes are raised and challenged at the same time. The hurdles that she meets along the way will include bullied and bullying pupils, as well as the expected ones of finance and willing manpower.

But leaping those fences does not prepare the ambitious Molly for a dramatic fire and the confusion of a new passion in her life, in the form of Oliver Shrimpton. Will he become that significant someone, or is he just another obstacle for her to overcome?

My Review:

This is the second book in the So What series. This is the first book that I read, and had no trouble getting into the story line. So, even if you have not read the first one, you could safely pick this one up first.

I tend to love the stories where teachers are invested in the lives of the students, and they help shape the students’ characters. This story is one such effort.

What distinguishes this book from other school fiction is that the author has provided quite interesting and helpful information on conserving the nature around us. Which was quite a delight to read, the author has managed to provide all the necessary information, without sounding too preachy.

The story is weaved perfectly, and I loved the way we as readers learn the back stories of the students as well as the teachers.

A nice,insightful and enriching read.