Author: Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

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Book Blurb:

A re-imagining of the world-famous Indian epic, the Mahabharat—told from the point of view of an amazing woman.

Relevant to today’s war-torn world, The Palace of Illusions takes us back to a time that is half history, half myth, and wholly magical. Narrated by Panchaali, the wife of the legendary Pandavas brothers in the Mahabharat, the novel gives us a new interpretation of this ancient tale.

My Review:

Mahabharata is quite a complex work in itself. But this book puts a whole new take on this epic: Mahabharata from Draupadi’s viewpoint.

My sister recommended this book to me. So, that along with the awesome book blurb, I had real expectations from this book, and fortunately, it did not let me down.

There were some explanations for this book that I really preferred. Like the name “Paanchali”, I thought that it was used as Draupadi was a wife of five men. But, I was pleased to know that I was wrong. She was thus called as she was the queen of Land of Panchal. SO GOOD!

What I liked the best about this book is that the author manages to make her characters human.

This book is fast paced, well written and manages to stand on its own!

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