In 2 days I will have completed a month from operation. I was operated on my left knee legament, and it takes 2 months to be up on my feet again….so one more month to go!

But, in my days in the hospital, and subsequent lounging around home, it has become quite glaring how insensitive people can be!

You understand who cares for you, and who is there to just..i dunno…because they have to.

Once of my biggest pet peeve is the statement: ” Oh! You have put on weight…!”

Ummm..yea… I had a knee operation and cannot walk, you dim wit… you want me to quit eating too? Even worse than that….it’s appalling to see that people focus more on my weight and not my getting better. Like COME ONNNN..even if you are strictly on bed, a person needs to be on diet?

A few of my relatives even had a problem that I was wearing shorts!! In MY OWN HOUSE…might I mention… Let us forget the huge iron wrap around my leg that makes it impossible for cloth of any other kind..It is my house! Even when I am well..I wear shorts! What is strange is why were you so focused on my legs, you perverts!

Also, when you visit people on the day of their operation or even afterwards, be aware that they might be in pain. So if you want to visit, make sure you make your visit keeping in mind their comfort..and if not least ASK them about their health…before droning on about that fever that you had months ago and how much poor you suffered. Or how some relative of yours had this very same problem and how now they are in so much pain…really..REALLY DON’T DO THIS!

I swear, if my fiancé had not been there to calm me, I would have bumped heads of these insensitive people with my extremely heavy leg! Of course…even he could not stop me from imagining 😉

So, if you saw me giving a weird grin..yea..