Author: Prassant Kevin

King of Hearts

Book Blurb:

Sometimes you have to fight the greatest battles to discover who you really are.

At the age of 21, Ayan left his home and ran to Delhi in search of his dream and identity. In everybody’s eyes, he was nothing but a loser except for his best friend, Misha, with whom he fallen in love. And after two years of hardship, when he finally got his long awaited chance, he stunned the whole nation and became one of greatest artist and heartthrob of this generation. But destiny had some other plans for him and one day, something happened which turned his whole life upside down. He was on the verge of losing everything he ever had and to save them all, he had to fight the greatest battle of his life.

To know more, read this astonishing tale of a young man’s extraordinary journey to find his lost dreams, love and friendship.

My Review:

While the blurb looked very interesting, I did not really like this book.

There were too many grammatical errors in it which really got in the process of reading. What is the use of a book, if it has grammar errors? There is a reason that the teachers used to say read books to improve your English.

Along with that the use of sms language in books does not work with me. I am reading a book, not a twitter status.

Also the story line had too much of the clichéd bollywood masala film essence to it. A girl and a boy can be best friends without falling in love…I can vouch that from personal experience.