Author: Pratima Kapur

Borrowed Plumes

Book Blurb:

1805 – The feisty Ragini and her husband, Indrajit Rai have to leave their ancestral home in the Himalayas in search of new pastures. Settling in their new home, the Rais make a life for themselves on the foothills with help from Raja Jaswant Singh. The family flourishes and with their hard work and dedication, work themselves up to their past glory.

1980 – Himmat Rai is an Army Officer, who is home after a wonderful thirty five years in service. He and his wife hope to settle peacefully into retired life, but circumstances disturb their peace. Who is the person behind this terror? Why is ‘three’ a lucky number for the Rai family? Will anyone succeed in stopping the Devil’s work and bring justice and peace to the land?

My Review:

I really enjoyed this book, the writing was simple yet elegant.

I especially enjoyed how the author managed to weave a story of the family through generations. How people can lift themselves up and build a meaningful life from scratch with help of hard work, determination and education. While even the most erstwhile families can see destruction if they do not cultivate themselves.

When I read the blurb, i thought that this would be a story that draws parallels between two timelines, but i was wrong.  It is a story that spans generations.

The character that I liked best was that of Ragini. The way that she has been portrayed was an absolute pleasure to read.

Pick up this book when you are in mood for some meaningful yet light read.

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