Author: Abir Mukherjee

S.O.A.R - Success Over Adversity Reigns!

Book Blurb:

Frustrated with their current jobs, Uday, Adhyayan, and Rajasekaran team up to start an innovative business, non-existent in India until then. Ignoring all pragmatic aspects of life, they chase their dreams with immense pleasure. However, their journey is no cakewalk, as they confront financial crisis and rejections soon. Uday plays a business trick to triumph over that uninfluenced market; it works initially, but soon boomerangs, blowing the team apart. The police arrests Uday accusing him of illegal activity by his organization. Were there any blemishes in their plan or was it just a typical Indian market, reluctant to accept an un-experimented concept? Will they be successful in implementing their innovation, staking their hard earned money, stable jobs, relationships, and life ‘S.O.A.R is the story of chasing a dream, quandary between desire and responsibility, friendship and love. Join the gutsy journey of three young entrepreneurs

My Review:

Again this is not your love story. Is it just me, or are we finally moving out of the me- too Chetan Bhagat genre? If that is the case than nothing like it!!

This is a story about 3 guys, who get together to start a business venture, and as the story progresses we see how they grow their business, face ethical issues as well as personal issues and how they handle it.

While I was reading about the personal life of Rajasekaran. who hails from a very traditional family, falls in love with a city girl. It kind of reminded me of the advertisement. I forget which product it was advertising, but there was this girl whose hands were covered with tattoos. She asks the traditional guy who is accompanied her whether his mom would accept her. He looks at her and shutters…of mom loves paintings.

This book is a very easy read. Its ideal for when you are in mood for something light and fast.

Coming to cons, I found the use of sms language a bit annoying. It is understandable if we are reading a mail or a message between people. But then it became a bit too much.