Anything to Look Hot

Book Blurb:

When Dr. Jas Kohli started training in plastic surgery twenty years back, he hadn’t imagined that one day he would be exposing the secretive world of plastic surgeons and their clients. Apart from his interest in writing, he also enjoys astronomy, music and bird-watching. Through his writings, he aims to foster a stronger doctor-patient bond.

My Review:

Initially this is a very interesting book, as it covered areas that we usually do not read about. It was great to read about the challenges that the surgeons face during their residency.

The fact that this is not another ‘boy meets girl, falls in love, be in relationship, end of story’ was like a breadth of fresh air.

The story is from a first person narrative. It starts with Dr. Dhruv receiving his medical results and traces his journey towards becoming a successful plastic surgeon. The best part of the book was the way Dr. Dhruv supports his wife. You rarely read about husbands who support their wives in her decision to stay away from him for years!

Coming to the cons, I felt that the story lacked depth. After a while it got a bit repetitive reading about one successful operation after other and minor setbacks in between that were quickly solved.

In conclusion, If you are looking for a light, but interesting read, pick it up!