For 2 years, every Thursday, a teacher started teaching works of fiction to her most committed students. Set amidst backdrop of traditional and stringent Islamic Rule in Republic of Iran, these women break laws just to read!

Reading Lolita in Tehran

Honestly, I fell so inquisitive about this book as soon as I heard of it. I just had to get my hands on it, and thanks to kindle, it is easy to do so! 🙂

This book gave a detailed insight into the lives of women in highly traditional countries. What happens when one cannot make even a single decision of your life? You cannot go out without a male chaperone? You cannot talk to people from opposite sex who are not directly related to you? You cannot even decide which books you want to read!

I especially loved how the parallels where showcased between the books in question along with the lives of the students who are reading them. It goes on to show how fiction is more than just stories. How real fiction can stir emotions and sometimes focus on changing lives as well!

Now, I really want to start reading Lolita, and because I obsessed so much about this book, hubby to be got it for me 🙂 so next to read: Lolita!